We are here for the merchant, and do everything possible to ensure our product line is profitable. We strive to increase profitability in your business by providing a product which has minimum theft risk and maximum profitability. Our story is here.

The packaging of our product and customer display offers maximum selection for a store with limited shelf space. We do the legwork of finding high quality bracelets for your business.  We have sourced and sampled numerous manufacturers and styles to arrive at the bracelets we offer.

Our unique system of a beautiful counter display along with our organized inventory box for behind the counter ensures that no shrinkage occurs. It makes for a seamless and easy sale. Minimum theft risk allows staff to focus on the sale and customer service.

If you have never sold bracelets before, our offerings are a great opportunity to increase the size of your customer base. If you already have apparel and accessories, you will understand the benefit of a product that is less vulnerable to theft, yet still easily available to your customers with your assistance. We provide a spontaneous purchase item to your customer which has great value, and a margin which is a winner for you.

Why the playing card? We are the Lucky Bracelet Company and it's part of our branding and mission to spread good luck via a lucky playing card.

Counter Display

Inventory Box


Great Margins

Low Theft Risk

Great Customer Service

Display Provided

Inventory Box Provided

Quick Restocking

Comes With Lucky Card

Men, Women, Kids

Custom Inventory Mixes