About Us

We met in a drafty warehouse in California where the temperature was regulated by opening and closing rollup doors. We hit it off right away, one of us at a desk to create spreadsheets, shipping documents and driver schedules, the other to turn raw materials into inventory, boxes and display cases. We weren’t alone in our work, but we both knew a better mousetrap could be built, and we could build it. Loren left the warehouse job first, and approached Chris weeks after he had moved on to see if there could be a “congress of minds” to brainstorm and create a whole new business. 

Over coffee one morning at the local Coffee Bean and Tea we sketched out plans on napkins for a product line that was near and dear to Loren and his lovely soulmate Julie, and peaked Chris’ interest to answer complaints heard for years from retailers and managers about inventory that walked out of their stores, or was damaged beyond sale by curious handling of customers and yes, even their own staff. 

A wholesale model to distribute bracelets was born.

With bracelets as our niche, we focused on finding the absolute best bracelets for the money Worldwide, and brainstormed individual packaging to brand our bracelets, so every person who buys our bracelets experiences a quality article, and every customer is lucky to find a great bracelet. A playing card comes with every bracelet.

Spreading the luck with every sale.

Playing cards also allow each bracelet to hold its shape and “show” well packaged, enhancing the sale and ease of sorting/counting the supply box. A WIN WIN for everyone

Innovative Solutions to Classic Retail Issues

Theft is an important concern for retailers. Shoplifting is a threat, and law enforcement doesn't pursue shrinkage of small items, under the flawed belief stores will either insure Inventory, or factor theft into their cash flow. 

Wrong! Retail brick and mortar locations can't be profitable carrying huge insurance premiums OR accepting losses from shrinkage or spoilage with the competitive margins required in a very tough business environment. 

Valued customers have different issues - affordable priceing, convenience, availability, selection, and access to various styles and sizes of clean, serviceable and germ free bracelets. 

Lucky Bracelet Company bridges the gap between the needs of retailers to have a profitable and “shrinkage resistant” supply, and the desire of valued customers to have choice, variety and reasonable pricing. The best solution for all.

The Sealed Counter Display and Sorted Supply Box or (SSB)

Customers view bracelet offerings in a sealed counter display, then select individually packaged bracelets from a fully sorted supply box retailers control behind the counter. Door traffic can't touch inventory until the retailer decides, preventing unnecessary spoilage of their inventory with oils that are on every person’s hands. A theft deterrent and inventory freshness shield all in one!

Profits from Stolen and damaged products can’t be realized, and sales are lost altogether when the customer has no selection or limited choices. Habitual purchases also suffer, as discouraged customers tend to leave without other purchases when they can’t find a preferred item.

It’s not enough to protect and preserve inventory. ALL bracelets must be great values and very high quality. Loren and Julie evaluated many manufacturers, rejecting approximately 60% of all potential suppliers for quality, design miscues, poor inventory control and inappropriate sizing for the American consumer.

"Make more money and grow your profit by preventing inventory loss from theft and damage

"Keep inventory fresh and looking as sharp as the day you stocked it,"

"Save time and money by expanding your offerings and not wasting hours on fronting and servicing existing merchandise.

We offer high quality bracelets to merchants. We are also “bracelet-philes” who see bracelets as a personal and revealing accessory for anyone who wears them. 

Lucky Bracelet Company never stops looking for new bracelets, seeking more and better ways to serve our clients, and striving to increase the profitability of each client who has joined us in this business enterprise. Afterall, if the retailer doesn’t make as much money as possible from each transaction, we don’t make any money either!!

In every way possible Lucky Bracelet Company wants a wholesale business merchant relationship as painless and simple as possible.

Merchants have low risk, as our Counter Display will displace NO OTHER INVENTORY and the Sorted Supply Box is safely behind your counter. At the first Inventory Refresh (approximately 30 days from initial delivery), inventory mix and stock can be evaluated. If Lucky Bracelet Company doesn’t meet expectations return the Sorted Supply Box for a full refund of all bracelets in the box .

  • Olivia Noble, Ontario Canada “This is a great product. I use the bracelets at the ankle AND wrist”
  • Rose Angelas, Ventura CA “Love the packaging. Made it very easy to put in the birthday card to my daughter”
  • Natalie Worling, Pennsylvania “Love the styles and GREAT quality”
  • Susan Seibert, Tujunga “Perfect compliment to our 5 station salon. Right on the counter, and a quick sale”

“How can you believe us?" 

Simple! Give Lucky Bracelet Company a try. Set up an appointment to have a Counter Display and Sorted Supply Box delivered to your location, get a little On the Job Training on how to present our system to your customers, and see how well it works. 

Let's move forward together